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Jacqueline Pasternack, Attorney At Law in Columbus, OH specializes in legal matters concerning domestic violence and aggravated menacing, assault, drunk driving (DUI/OVI), license suspension, probation revocation, dissolution and divorce.  She offers legal assistance with a high degree of in-depth knowledge and many years of experience that guarantee targeted solutions at affordable rates. 


She is licensed in all courts and practices in Columbus and Central Ohio. Remember, legal complications just don't disappear; you have to be proactive.  And that begins by contacting a top-quality attorney.


A court case can have a very significant impact on your life. However, with the right lawyer at your side you can definitely come out of any legal problem.  With over 25 years of experience, Jacqueline Pasternack, Attorney At Law has seen and practiced a myriad of cases in all courts.


Hiring a lawyer doesn't have to be an expensive affair; her fees are reasonable and have enabled clients to use her services without burning a hole in their pockets; and she accepts payment plans.


Having achieved many laurels in her career, her focus remains on providing high-quality service and satisfaction for clients who need representation for domestic violence or aggravated menacing, assault, drunken driving, probation revocation, license suspension or divorce/dissolutions. And she does everything in her power to meet her client’s expectations.





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